What & Why

Revolutionary smart trailer

The first and only trailer to vertically pick-up and set down level 20’ ISO containers and 20’ ISO multi-purpose flat decks.
Finally, a smart, reliable, safe, green and versatile trailer at the fingertips of a single driver.


SmartThe HARRIER was designed to be programmable and user friendly with controls that automate the loading and unloading sequences. The Harrier manages all operational parameters, such as hydraulic actuators oil pressure and efficiencies, temperature and liquids levels, tire pressure, and has a built in self-diagnostic and maintenance program.

ReliableThe HARRIER automated system controls all hydraulics, sensors and electronics monitoring processes to ensure optimal performance and on-going problem-free operation.

SafeOnboard sensors monitor HARRIER’s load capacity, allowable grades, and guaranties a level load at all time. Its step-by-step operational sequence with clear operator instructions ensures maximum safety.

GreenThe HARRIER enables you to significantly reduce your environmental footprint by limiting the number of tractors and trailers you put on the road and its single tire design leads to less road resistance and fuel consumption.
Get a HARRIER and take full advantage of the efficiencies of the intermodal highway.
Go green. Go HARRIER

Beneficial for numerous sectors

The HARRIER is ideal for movers, building contractors, governments and utilities – anyone looking to securely and efficiently move items that would usually require a lift truck and its operator to complete the loading and unloading process.

The HARRIER’s smooth vertical lift system prevents damage to sensitive surfaces and is perfectly suited for situations where room to manoeuvre is limited.

The HARRIER is a must where level operation is essential to content integrity and load stability.

Get a HARRIER and get the job done right.

Get a HARRIER and save time and money.

Versatility like you’ve never seen it before

The versatility of the HARRIER leads to greater operational efficiency as a driver can quickly load and drop-off multiple 20′ ISO intermodal containers or multi-purpose flat decks during a single work shift.
Its detachable and interchangeable gooseneck ensures that the HARRIER can work with any type of truck – pick-up, tractor, dump truck – and any type of attachment.

With the HARRIER, there is no need for a lift truck and an additional operator.

Designed by proven professionals

The revolutionary HARRIER.

The first and only integrated loader-trailer system.

Created by Max-Atlas, a leading North-American trailer manufacturer.