Government & Emergencies

Improve the way you drive your operation.ONE TRUCK, ONE DRIVER, MULTIPLE LOADS

Unique and patented vertical lift and transportation system

The HARRIER’s unique and patented vertical lift and transportation system allows you to:

  • Use 20′ ISO intermodal containers to safely store tools, equipment and supplies where needed;
  • Provide maintenance teams with mobile work stations;
  • Use 20′ ISO multi-purpose flat decks to move and position equipment and materials;
  • Set-up a more efficient crisis management environment using containers to store emergency supplies or containers modified to act as command posts, mobile medical units, offices and rest facilities for your rapid response and field teams.

A one-man integrated loader-trailer unit

The HARRIER is ideal to securely and efficiently move equipment and materials without the need for a lift truck and its operator. Its proprietary software will allow operation only within precise grade, weight and bearing parameters for maximum safety.

Positive environmental impact

The HARRIER enables a significant reduction of the environmental footprint by limiting the number of tractors and trailers on the road and its single tire design leads to less road resistance and fuel consumption. The HARRIER also integrates the full efficiencies of the intermodal highway.

Go green. Go HARRIER.

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