Fire fighter Training Box

Keep on moving with a Training Box that moves with you

Use the Training Box combined with the Harrier Trailer and trace the route

Get the main accessories for the most common exercises in firemen training such as:

  • Adjustable window;
  • Movable Stairs;
  • Denver walls;
  • Basement windows
  • Jig with a 1000lb capacity

We can customize the Training Box to your needs

If your team needs to develop some particular skills, we can provide the right accessories within the 20′ container to take advantage to the max of the Training Box.

Be flexible with the Harrier Trailer

By combining the Training Box to the Harrier, you stay mobile to bring training to each of your Fire Stations. Less hassle, more time to train for all your firemen. With its small footprint, the Harrier trailer can pick-up and set down your Training box anywhere, even unwelcoming terrains.

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